Good Samaritan Sunday

News July 17, 2019

Thank you to everyone for making Good Samaritan Sunday a joyful celebration! Through their beautiful words of inspiration and hope, Sister Monica, Sister Maryadele, and Katherine Cooke shared the work of our ministry with the communities of St. Peter, St. Monica-St.Augustine, and the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Voyage. We ended the day with a wonderful gathering of volunteers on the rooftop of the Envoy Hotel. THANK YOU to Joe Mellia and his team for offering their generous support for our ministry in South Boston. We are sent forth with a blessing offered by Fr. Paolo and Fr. Peter;

Heavenly Father,

In the waters of baptism we are united to your Son and called to serve others as priests and prophets. We pray in gratitude for our Good Samaritans who bless others with their priestly service - healing broken spirits by the kindness, love, and compassion they generously offer our neighbors. We pray in gratitude for their voices when they speak as prophets - offering words of light and hope to those lost in the darkness of despair. Father, we ask you to fill their hearts with peace that they might be people of peace for others. Amen

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