Mary Shrine and St. Peter Statue Stenciling

News February 21, 2019

Another artistic addition to the Shrine has been completed on Saturday, February 23.

The mini-shrine of Our Lady of Good Voyage, the small prayer room located off of the vestibule of the church, has undergone a small transformation.  The words "Our Lady of Good Voyage" have been added over the statue and a pattern of stars now embellishes the previously blank wall behind it.  The stars stem from an ancient devotion to the Blessed Mother under the title of Star of the Sea from the eighth century hymn Ave maris stella (Latin for "Hail Star of the Sea").  It was especially popular in the Middle Ages and has been used by many composers as the basis of other compositions.  The "Ave maris stella" was highly influential in presenting Mary as a merciful and loving Mother. The title, "Star of the Sea" is one of the oldest and most widespread titles applied to Mary. The hymn is frequently used as a prayer for safe-conduct for travelers, especially those who travel by sea.  

Similarly, the wall behind the statue of St. Peter has been embellished with the words "St. Peter" stenciled above the statue and a golden frame within the niche.

Our Lady of Good Voyage




St. Peter