Shrine temporarily closed

News February 19, 2022

Dear Friends,

This is not the President's Day weekend message that I expected to send out. But yesterday, unexpectedly, a four-foot long wooden plank fell from the ceiling of the Seaport Shrine. It miraculously did not hit anyone. However, upon initial inspection this morning by a contractor, it appears there are several more planks about to come down in the nave of the shrine. As a precaution, the Archdiocese has instructed me to temporarily close the main part of the shrine to the public.

There will be one live-streamed Mass Sunday at 11:30 am ( This Mass will be offered for all three Mass intentions listed in the Bulletin, plus the weekday intentions.

All in-person Masses and other activities in the main church itself are temporarily suspended until we get this matter resolved.

We are allowing the shrine to remain open as long as we have a staff member present, so people can use the Mary Shrine for personal prayer.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience.

Fr. Peter DeFazio, Rector