Shrine Update

News October 18, 2022

To the OLGV community and friends:

As co-directors of OLGV, we acknowledge the concern expressed by some within the community regarding the OLGV rector situation (or lack thereof).  This Update is a bit lengthy, but we hope that it will answer some questions and assuage concerns. 

The shortage of ordained priests within the Archdiocese should come as no surprise to anyone. For years now the Archdiocese has studied and implemented various methods of managing the priest shortage. One familiar method is combining two or even three churches into parish collaboratives.  

The Archdiocese has decided to implement a different organizational model at OLGV.  To free up available priests for other assignments, OLGV will not be assigned a rector for the foreseeable future.  Instead, it will be led by lay co-directors overseeing Shrine operations.  All Sacraments will be celebrated by priests and deacons, invited in advance, to attend to OLGV Sacramental needs. As long-term Evangelization staff at the Shrine, we were asked by the Archdiocese to serve as the co-directors. We did not anticipate this turn of events, and certainly did not seek such a role, but we enthusiastically embrace the assignment to serve and are convinced that with God’s help, and the help of the whole OLGV community, service to God's people will continue and, in fact, expand at OLGV.     
The lay-directed model is unique to OLGV and is viewed by the Archdiocese with great anticipation - that it will be a successful model that can be implemented in parishes. With your support, input, and guidance our goal is to demonstrate that this model of Church management will succeed in promoting the faith and increasing evangelization efforts.

Due to our unique locus in the Seaport and 'Shrine' designation, OLGV has maintained an open-door policy of just under 60 hours a week with daily Mass and confession serving the residents, workers, and visitors to the Seaport and downtown Boston. There are no plans to alter the  Shrine of Our Lady of Good Voyage schedule. OLGV will continue to be open and staffed from 10:00a to 6:00p Monday through Saturday and 9:00a to 8:00p on Sunday with 8 Masses a week (12:10, Monday through Friday, and three Masses on Sunday,  9:30a, 11:30a and 7:00p), and regularly scheduled confession before and/or after weekday Mass. Baptisms and weddings will continue without interruption.  

Lest there be concern that the OLGV community will not have adequate clergy available for Sacraments, we assure you that working with the Clergy Personnel Office of the Archdiocese, we have been blessed with offers from many priests to regularly preside at weekday and Sunday Masses. An exciting side benefit is that, in addition to our wonderful diocesan priests, OLGV is gifted with the ministry of priests from various religious orders, with different formation experiences and different perspectives. Each has welcomed the opportunity to serve at OLGV and each brings his unique and varied flavor to our community.  Our own Deacon Paul Kline is a steady presence, with us at monthly Mass and celebrating baptisms and wedding ceremonies.  Central to his ministry with us, Deacon Paul continues to grow The Good Samaritan Ministry – our ministry of care and compassion for the least among us, that he established when the Shrine opened.  

Importantly, your support, participation, and input are needed. We encourage you to sign up on Flocknotes so that we can maintain open and frequent communication on happenings at OLGV and receive feedback, ideas, and suggestions from you, the Shrine community.  

With gratitude for your prayers, help, and support, we look forward to continuing our common mission of praising our Lord Jesus together and doing His will.

Our Lady of Good Voyage, pray for us.    

Kathy and Susan