Sacraments window


The Sacraments are defined as outward signs of inward grace, instituted by Christ to help individuals in their spiritual life and to grow in holiness. Sacraments are mysteries; they are signs of the sacred presence of our God in our midst today. They are more than mere signs, however, for the sacraments impart grace. The sacraments help to make people holy and build-up the body of Christ. They are a way to relate to God throughout life’s transitions and help us to give praise and worship to God. They help us nourish, strengthen, and express our faith. Through the sacraments, Jesus remains with His people, strengthening, healing, feeding, and forgiving them as they face life’s challenges.

The Catholic Church celebrates seven Sacraments, which were instituted by Christ during his earthly ministry and which continue to define the liturgical life of the Church today. The Sacraments nourish, strengthen, and express faith.

Holy Eucharist
Holy Orders
Anointing of the Sick

If you are seeking a copy of your sacramental records please call or email the Shrine.

If you are seeking sacramental records from the Chapel of Our Lady of Good Voyage, please contact the South Boston Catholic Collaborative: Phone: 617-268-8100

If you are seeking sacramental records from the Parish of Our Lady of Good Voyage in Gloucester, please contact their office: Phone: 978-281-4820 | Fax: 978-281-4964