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Here is a little bit of my background: I am native of Waltham & Watertown, Massachusetts. I attended Sacred Heart Parish in Waltham as a child. After a career in labor law enforcement, I entered Pope Saint John XXIII Seminary. I was ordained a priest of the Archdiocese of Boston on May 24, 2014. But I think what is really relevant to those reading this is my faith journey. When I was working in downtown Boston, years before entering the seminary, I frequented inner city shrines. St. Leonard's in the North End, St. Joe's in the West End, and especially St. Anthony's in Downtown Crossing. In many ways, these churches were a lifeline to me, keeping me connected to my faith. I know what it is like to be immersed in a secular world, full of distractions and sensory gratification, relying upon the oasis of faith that a downtown Boston shrine can offer. A place to say a prayer, light a candle, perhaps go to confession, purchase a Mass card, go to Mass, and discover the peace of Eucharistic Adoration. If you want to write me, you can leave me a note here: Fr Peter E-Mail

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